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Finding The Right Home For The Right Price Isn’t Always Where You Think It Is

“Randy told me he wanted me to find him an amazing home for under $650,000. Simple enough, right? But without me knowing he told a second realtor do the same thing…

The other realtor showed Randy his exact “criteria”:  4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a ranch style home with good curb appeal and a pool for around $650,000.

But what the realtor didn’t realize is Randy wanted more than a home that met a “criteria”, that was just the starting point.  He wanted a home to be a sanctuary away from work on the busy things of life.  A home with the a tropical pool to entice his kids and grandkids to gather together to enjoy .  A quality home that when his friends drive up to the curb for the first time they will say “wow”.  A home to improve the quality of life for Randy’s family.

Too often home buyers spend dozens or even hundreds of hours searching online themselves and then use their realtor just to show them the homes they pick out.   Or they will hire realtors who search for a “criteria”.  Nothing wrong with this, but if you are anything like most other buyers you may be ignoring your best chance of getting that amazing home you want.

With Randy, I personally searched through over 2,000 homes to find “The One”.  The home I found was exquisite.  From the curb it looked like a castle and from the back it looked like a tropical paradise.  The  model-perfect living areas surrounded a courtyard on all 4 sides with an outdoor fireplace… you’ve never seen anything like it and I could picture Randy and his family living in this home in the way that Randy dreamt it.

“The One” was listed at $384,900 and in every way was superior to the $600,000+ homes the other realtor showed him .

There were 3 other offers within the first few hours of the home being on the market.  I have helped sell 307 homes through out my career and I knew what to do to make sure this one didn’t slip from our grasp. So I negotiated with somewhat of a vigor and got the home for Randy.

Here’s my point.  You don’t have to settle for a realtor who is looking for a “criteria”.  Just like Randy, You can get an amazing home, a sanctuary, your own personal paradise. You have a realtor right in front of you with hundreds of thousands of hours of experience in searching for and finding these types of homes.

Charles Cotter trained me. He is the one that taught me to match the right home with what you really want.  He knows what to do to make sure the right one doesn’t go unnoticed.

Tell Charles about you and your family, your lifestyle, where you work and what matters most to you.  And then after he gets to know you, together you can find you “The One”.

As you probably know his services don’t cost you ANYTHING because seller’s pay commissions at closings with homes listed on the Arizona Regional MLS. If you are not satisfied with the homes Charles finds, you can walk away at any time because you are never required to put a deposit down or sign an employment agreement.

To get started email or call Charles and tell him a little bit about your life and what is important to you in a home.  He will email you a few homes that match your wants and needs and then you tell Charles if you want to see them or not.  He works for you.”

Call Charles directly at:  (480) 878-9412
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– Bill Cotter
Real Estate Marketing Director

P.S.  Charles is always watching the market because the best homes sell right away.  If you want to get the best homes sent to you the moment they come on the market, let Charles know your email and he will notify you.