Does The New Movie Theater In Queen Creek Help Home Values?

This is the new question people have been asking and the answer is… well it sure doesn’t hurt values.

Queen Creek and now San Tan Valley got on the map when the Walmart opened.  Just a few years later and our little towns are featuring hot new restaurants, shopping and now a full movie theater.  Hunt Highway might even become a 4 line thorough way… well at least all the way to Walmart where the decision makers apparently feel the traffic world ends.

My jaw drops almost every month because the San Tan Valley real estate market keeps going up beyond expectation.  More homes are selling and the inventory of homes is down month over month even though Canadian buyers have skedaddled.  We seem to be outperforming our neighboring towns and cities with price increases, but is it the new developments that is driving the market?

Interest rates are low and as long as they are low buyers seem to flock to San Tan Valley and Queen Creek to enjoy the purple backdrop of the San Tan Mountains, the open green fields and now good food with everything from Kneaders French Toast (you got to try them if you haven’t) to Freddy’s Original Burgers.  The theater hopefully will be a catalyst for more to come.  There is no doubt all this development is helping prices, but more importantly residents seem to be living more, enjoying our towns and looking forward to the future.

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