Your Home Value

When I saw your home last night I thought it would sell for closer to $400,000, but there are comparable solds in the $200,000’s.  Absolutely horrible comps.   The highest valuation I think possible is $351,000.  So I recommend a list price of $349,900. With all the fixes and touchups you are doing and with all the marketing I do, we should be able to get an offer fairly quickly even at that top price.

>> Here is the full report


note: If you want to push the value to $375,000… we may be able to get a good offer within the next 6 months if the market stays strong.  The only problem is we probably wouldn’t be able to get an appraisal and a buyer needing to get a loan will have to have the ability to come up with the difference in price.


There Are Higher Priced Homes In The Area

If your home backed up to a view of the mountain, your home would easily go for $400,000.  People are paying decent premiums for the views, but rarely pay over $325,000 for anything similar to your home. Here is an automated system that is pulling the comps with mountain views.

>> Automatic valuation using homes with a view of the mountain or preseve as comparables

>> Here is a home that recently sold with a view of the preserve




Getting You The Highest Price Possible While Selling In A Timely Manner

It’s a matter of making your home look amazing both in real life and online where 92% of buyers find their home.

>> Here is the MLS listing and pictures of your home when you bought it – I would say it is a subpar representation of your home


In Comparison…


>> Here is how a home I just sold over the weekend looks and how I will make your home look with the online marketing



The buyers of the above home told us over the weekend that they thought we copied and pasted the pictures from the model home and put the pictures in our listing.  Nope… it’s just that my wife owns a professional photography and videography company.



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