Do NOT Just “List” Your Home. Get It Sold Fast And Get More Money In Your Pocket

ALL of Charles’ listings have sold over the last 2 years and yours can too because of his unique and massive marketing package summarized below.

Listing Services By Top “Listing” Agents Are NOT Always Enough:

The top realtors are “listing agents” which means they will:

  • List homes on Arizona Regional MLS
  • List homes on hundreds of “listing” websites like
  • Includes yard sign, flyers, “just listed” notification to neighbors
  • Lists homes On Craigslist, do an open house, gets professional pictures
  • Perform market analysis, offer representation, and full negotiations.

This is not always enough to sell your home. It is often not enough to capture the highest amount of equity in your home.  Charles includes these same services of top listing agents, but it’s only the beginning of the marketing services he offers below.

Unusually Massive Marketing = Higher Sold Price

  • The top “listing” services get your home in front of prospective buyers as many as 20,000 times. But with 61,000+ realtors in Arizona who are all using similar marketing techniques, your home is easily overlooked by crucial buyers.
  • The marketing team at Charles Cotter Real Estate utilizes advance technology and the most powerful web tools to get your home seen by perspective buyers as many as 125,000  times!  It makes it almost impossible for anybody even thinking about buying a home to not see your home and not want it. Buyers will be reached everywhere and multiple times, on their Ipad, Iphone, lap top, work computer, home desktop or Android device.  Buyers will fall in love with your home  before they ever step foot in it.
  • This creates massive demand for your home that is nearly impossible to create with just “listing” your home.


Sell Your Home Fast To One Of Charles’ 361 Local, Cash Buyers

  • Massive marketing creates an urgency for buyers to act fast on your property. But if you are in a bind or don’t want to deal with showings, then Charles can get you a cash offer right away.  He has a network of 361 local cash buyers who want to buy homes like yours now.

Avoid Unnecessary Legal Liabilities

  • We live in a sue happy world and selling real estate without the good representation is a risky business.  The 90 hours of schooling required to get a real estate license is not enough education to protect you on your asset worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It takes experience.
  • With 1,431 transactions Charles is probably the most experienced and most credible realtor in your area. He has taken more classes on contracts than most lawyers and he has negotiated with the biggest sharks in the valley on deals as high as $15,000,000.  When needed, he has connections with specialized lawyers and the top title companies to make sure you are protected beyond the scope of a realtor.


You can get your home sold for the highest profit.  You can sell fast.  You can have the best protection against unnecessary liabilities.  You can have it with Charles Cotter working for you.



Step 1: Full Marketing Run Down Of Your Home

  • This is not just a “Market Analysis”.  It is a full marketing run down of your home and the market conditions in your specific area including:
    • indicators that will help you decide if the market is going up or down and if this is the right time to sell or buy a home
    • value of your home in the current condition
    • value of your home if just “listed” vs. value of your home with economical show ready changes and massive marketing.
    • Competition analysis of similar homes on the market (etc.)

Step 2:  Charles Helps Increase The Value Of Your Home

  • Charles helps you increase the value of your home by inspecting and pin-pointing the lowest cost, highest return home improvements.  Most are quick and easy.
  • He then uses marketing triggers with HD photography and his massive influence to get buyers to recognize the value of your home before they ever step foot in it.
  • WARNING – Do not clean, do not do ANY repairs, do not change your home in any way until you let Charles do this step or else you may loose out on a CASH offer that may be MORE profitable than if you spend money on fixing up your home for a retail offer.

You Are NOT Locked In Once You Decide To Sell

  • If you hire Charles and change your mind at any time, or are unhappy for any reason, just let Charles know and he will remove all the marketing then let you cancel your listing with absolutely NO charge.  He requires two weeks notice so he can remove all the marketing.

Who Should NOT Hire Charles

  • Not for someone who wants Charles to lie in negotiations or to hide defects in a property that will effect the value.

Get Started With A Free Marketing Run Down Of Your Home Now

  • To get started, contact Charles Cotter and let him know you may be thinking about selling your home and he’ll help you with all the steps from there.
  • Call 480-878-9412
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