Unusually High Sells

Charles doesn’t “list” your home… he sells it… guaranteed

Getting that incredibly high price for your home is possible only through unique and massive marketing, expert negotiating and economical staging. You get the highest price for your home guaranteed, or Charles pays the commission up to $10,000.


Have Ease of Mind

Go on living your life without the worry that comes with such a big move. You’ll know exactly how your sell is progressing and will be notified of any major events right away.

The key is having a realtor that doesn’t ask you to “trust” him but rather proves trustworthiness with physical reports of progress and guaranteed results. You always know what’s going on and are in charge of the sell without having to think about it.


Expert Negotiations

The selling process can be enjoyable when you are properly prepared for offers.  Charles will let you know exactly what to expect so that the negotiations are like clockwork even if the buyer uses high-tense, pressure tactics. Everything is backed by documentation so you know for yourself, independently of Charles, the good offers and the best counter offers. You will experience expert negotiations that only a broker of 29 years, with 1400+ closed homes can do.


Sell Quickly

Creating A Marketing Frenzy

Your home is not just “listed” on hundreds of sites waiting for buyers to find it.  Your home is marketed in front of almost every single soul living in your same city.  Those who are most interested will see your home in front of them as many as 20 times without them every “searching” for it.  This is something no other realtor does like Charles Cotter.

Sell In 48 Hours With A Cash Buyer– In a bind and need to sell right away. Sell your home as quickly as 48 hours. Charles has 361 cash buyers who want to buy homes like yours. This will help you get on with your life and avoid too many showing appointments that would otherwise interrupt your life. Charles does not recommend this route since your home will likely sell for 10% or more with full marketing services.


You Are In Charge. Charles Is There For You Every Step.

Charles will be there for you every step of the way so you can tap into his 29 years experience.  But ultimately only you know what is best for you and your loved ones.  You are the boss and Charles is your employee.  He brings you the facts, the experience, the data, the unique and massive marketing, the professionalism and you decide how you want it to benefit you.

Charles is ONLY a full service brokerage so there are no “discounts”.  Instead of saving you a few bucks here and there on few fees, he uses those few bucks to get you thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars more fore your home.


The Answer To The #1 Question..

The #1 question other realtors and sellers ask Charles Cotter is HOW he sells homes for such unusually high prices. I think the answer will surprise you…. See “how” he does it by clicking here.

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